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Moving Units Between Collections

Some of you have asked for the ability to move a unit from one collection to another, this would enable you to have a non-painted list and a painted list. Or you could move units between collections or armies of similar periods like Royalist/Parliamentary Pikemen, Roman Imperial units or British WW2 Infantry, and so on.

So we need to go to your collections

This will take you to the details page where you can move units to different Collections

This will bring up the pop up where you can select the collection you want to move the unit to

Choose the collection that you want the unit to move to from the list

When we want to move the unit to the Confederate Collection we simply click the move button

We have now moved the third battery from this Collection

To this Collection

Here you can edit the record name to the name you want it to be in the confederate Collection

To move it back you simply reverse the process shown above