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Delete Existing - Bulk Data Management

Deleting units using the bulk data management tools is really quite easy.

Go to Your Collection and click on the Bulk Data Management button.

Use the Collection Name drop down to choose the collection you want to delete, when you have chosen the collection you can then use the Download Existing Data button

We can now download the existing data in the collection.

When the pop-up appears we tend to save the file to a dedicated folder we created on our PC's

We save the file to this folder shown below

We can now go and select the file from the folder we saved it too and work on the file to select the units we want to delete.

We go to the downloaded file and open it so I can mark the unit/s I want to delete by entering a Y in the delete field.

Once saved we can then find the file and upload it to the database as shown below.

After checking the data you will then be asked to confirm your deletion.

The unit/s have now been deleted