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Edit Existing - Bulk Data Management

To edit exisitng data in your collections to update what is already there, we must first download the data file we are going to edit and re-upload.

Goto the Bulk Data management screen and click the Edit Existing button then choose a collection.

Having chosen the Fire and Move 1944 collection we are going to download it.

Now save the data file to the folder you want to use

I have added to my collection by byuing and painting more tanks, now I have the edit data file I can do that. 

I have opend the file and changed all of the numbers I needed to change to edit my collection.

We broswed to the file for uploading

We get our confimation of what is changing in the edit and click on complete upload if it is correct.

I get a successful upload message and I then check my collection to see if the edits have taken place.