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Example Unit

This is an area that we need to cover in more detail to help you enter your units. 

Use each of the fields in turn to enter the data about your unit. 

In this Example, we are entering a Unit into my American Civil War - Union Collection. 

I have filled in the form as follows:

Unit Title - The 2nd Wisconsin.

Period - Musket and Rifles (1850AD to 1918AD).

Number of Figures - 16 Figures are in the unit.

Figure Type - Plastic.

Figure Scale - 28mm.

Figure Represents  - Infantry

Figure Costs - £0.56

Painted - Yes

Painted Cost - £2.90

Based - Yes

Build - Yes

Final Figure Cost - £3.68

Formation Cost - £44.16

Upload Photo -I have uploaded a photo of the unit so that I have a record of it against my collection

Out of Production - Yes or No to show whether a figure is still available (No) or out of production (Yes)

Comment - Add information about the actual unit entered

Save - Click save to keep any changes to the unit.

Save & Copy - Click save and copy any changes you have made to the unit and create another one.

Cancel - Clicking cancel will not save any of changes you have made to your collection